10 things a Coach can do for you

Are you wondering what a Coach will actually DO for you? 

There are a vast number of coaching types – for example, career, transition, life, relationship, family, and many, many more. In future posts we will go into a bit more detail about each of the different types, but today we wanted to write about the consistent qualities of coaches that make them stand apart from other professions! 

Here’s 10 things that most (if not all) coaches will do for you (and with you), regardless of the type of Coach they are!

  1. Treat everything you say with utmost confidentiality – honestly very little will shock or surprise them, it’s a blame-free environment
  2. Listen to you, generously, giving you time to think
  3. Offer you high support AND high challenge – coaching is absolutely not about having a cosy conversation 
  4. Give you space & time to find yourself
  5. Help you understand your strengths more clearly and how to use them more effectively
  6. Help you understand & improve relationships with others – your team, your family & your friends
  7. Give you better awareness of your perceptions, beliefs & values
  8. Hold you accountable – challenging you to do what you say you’ll do
  9. Help you find the right direction for you – in life & career 
  10. Improve your self-belief, confidence and resilience

All of the above come in differing levels, and you will work out with your Coach what boundaries you’d both like in place, and you’ll revisit those boundaries throughout the coaching relationship. 

The Coach Directory is a one-stop shop for coaches and their clients – a place where you will find coaches of many different types, across the world.  All our coaches are authenticated via a combination of their training, their credentials, their experience and their professional insurance. Get in touch if you need help matching with one of our listed coaches.

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Published by Steph Durbin, Executive Coach on 30th April 2021

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