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The Coach Directory Team

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Meet Our People

We have a small and experienced team, based in the UK and USA.

Our team have been hand picked to bring passion and commitment to The Coach Directory, and in turn to pass this on to our listed Coaches.

The Team

Steph Durbin
Steph Durbin
Founder & Executive Coach

I am committed to raising the standard & reputation of Coaching by ensuring high levels of professional integrity throughout The Coach Directory.   


Tim Liversage Marketing Coach
Tim Liversage
Web Developer & Marketing

I love finding out what makes your business unique, what makes you tick as a business owner, and what makes your customers happy.

Jess Liversage
Jess Liversage
Head of Administration & Marketing

 I love engaging with our Coaches through Social Media and in person, making sure that their experience with The Coach Directory is a positive one.

Caitlyn DeHoust
Caitlyn DeHoust
Web Creator & Marketer