All about Imposter Syndrome

Odd One Out

Have you ever felt like a fraud? Like you don’t deserve the credit you’re being given for an achievement, or do you ever have a sense of “being found out”? Do you feel like the odd one out in a meeting? Imposter Syndrome is often felt by high-achieving individuals in a position of success. This […]

It’s All About the Trees – Creative Coaching

All About Trees

Most trees have seen more than we would ever see in two lifetimes, so really we have a lot to learn from them. But, we’re not so un-similar, if we stop and think about it, we can identify ourselves with each aspect of a tree, like its roots for example. So, what makes trees so […]

Ways to be more Mindful


Following on from our recent blog The Importance of Well-being, here we’ll touch on Mindfulness. It’s easy to race through life, the days go fast, and they only seem to go faster the older we get. Have you ever thought about why they go faster as we get older? Because we fill our days with […]

What causes Procrastination?

Frog Procrastination

Procrastination is the delaying of an action causing a gap between when you intend to do something and when you actually do it. We’ve all been there, said we’d do something, looked at it and not necessarily said NO, but have turned around and started doing something else or put it off. It’s normal, everyone […]

Can you afford NOT to engage a Divorce Coach? By Paula Crowhurst

Wife And Husband Splitting Children And House | Paula Crowhurst | The Coach Directory

In this article, I shall take you through the factors that will help you to determine how much you value your mental well-being.  If a car breaks down, without hesitation, we take it to a reputable garage to be fixed. So why is it that if WE ‘break down’, we’re afraid to ask for help, […]

Am I a People Pleaser?

People Pleaser

Sometimes we define our self-worth on whether we are liked by those around us, this is because you may have an extreme need to be liked and need that ‘fitting in’ feeling – also called a ‘need to please’. If you are a people pleaser, you might find yourself concentrating on what other people think, […]

What is Empathy?


From a coaching point of view, empathy from a coach can help their clients think clearer or deeper about their own motivations, wishes and feelings, prompting them to share this with you. This is ultimately what we want in this coach/client relationship, as it can encourage self-change and awareness. What are the 3 types of […]

Getting Started – Find a Coach

Find a Coach in a Maze

Where and how do you start to find a Coach? OK, so you’ve decided that finding a coach is a good idea? Perhaps others close to you have recommended that you find one? You’ve made your mind up, so how do you go about finding one? There are a lot of qualities to look for […]

Use The Coach Directory to find a trusted Coach

The Coach Directory

If you’re looking for a Coach, perhaps you don’t know where to start? The first thing we want you to know is that all our coaches are screened & validated by us. Our Coaches trust our vetting process, and you can trust us that before we publish any Coach on our website that they are […]

Coaching and Contracting

Coach contracting

5 things you and your Coach can contract on. OK, we don’t necessarily mean the “legal” contract that you might have with your Coach, which might describe the financial transaction – although that might exist too. What we are talking about is a different type of contracting – the contract between 2 human beings – […]