Getting Started – Find a Coach

Find a Coach in a Maze

Where and how do you start to find a Coach? OK, so you’ve decided that finding a coach is a good idea? Perhaps others close to you have recommended that you find one? You’ve made your mind up, so how do you go about finding one? There are a lot of qualities to look for […]

Use The Coach Directory to find a trusted Coach

The Coach Directory

If you’re looking for a Coach, perhaps you don’t know where to start? The first thing we want you to know is that all our coaches are screened & validated by us. Our Coaches trust our vetting process, and you can trust us that before we publish any Coach on our website that they are […]

Coaching and Contracting

Coach contracting

5 things you and your Coach can contract on. OK, we don’t necessarily mean the “legal” contract that you might have with your Coach, which might describe the financial transaction – although that might exist too. What we are talking about is a different type of contracting – the contract between 2 human beings – […]