Press Release – The Coach Directory


The Coach Directory Delivers a New Level of Accountability to the Coaching Industry A new online directory for the executive, business & personal coaching profession is committed to elevating industry standards by providing a level of accountability that has previously not existed for the profession. The Coach Directory recently launched in the UK and seeks to revolutionise […]

Getting Started – Find a Coach

Find a Coach in a Maze

Where and how do you start to find a Coach? OK, so you’ve decided that finding a coach is a good idea? Perhaps others close to you have recommended that you find one? You’ve made your mind up, so how do you go about finding one? There are a lot of qualities to look for […]

6 Feedback Tips for Coaches


How do Coaches share feedback without offending? In our Facebook Group recently (see below for link), we were asked this question: “Thomas Pain quoted ‘he who dares not offend, can not be honest’ – so how do Coaches balance feedback to clients without offending, or do you just go for it as Thomas says?” This is a great […]

Use The Coach Directory to find a trusted Coach

The Coach Directory

If you’re looking for a Coach, perhaps you don’t know where to start? The first thing we want you to know is that all our coaches are screened & validated by us. Our Coaches trust our vetting process, and you can trust us that before we publish any Coach on our website that they are […]

Qualities that make a Great Coach

Great Coach

There are many different types of Coach, however there are one set of qualities that run consistently through all of them, regardless of their speciality. Here we explore 5 traits that make a great coach:  A Skilled Listener A good Coach will be a good listener. A great Coach will be a skilled listener. A […]

Coaching and Contracting

Coach contracting

5 things you and your Coach can contract on. OK, we don’t necessarily mean the “legal” contract that you might have with your Coach, which might describe the financial transaction – although that might exist too. What we are talking about is a different type of contracting – the contract between 2 human beings – […]

What is a Coach Credential?

certified coach

Are you wondering what all the acronyms are around coaching? It can be confusing understanding the differences, and what it means to you when trying to choose a Coach to work with. All our Coaches at The Coach Directory are professionally trained and accredited by a professional body. Today we’ll start with one of those […]

10 things a Coach can do for you

lightbulb moments

Are you wondering what a Coach will actually DO for you?  There are a vast number of coaching types – for example, career, transition, life, relationship, family, and many, many more. In future posts we will go into a bit more detail about each of the different types, but today we wanted to write about […]

8 Reasons Why You Need a Coach


Some very good reasons why you need a Coach Are you thinking to yourself “perhaps I need a coach”, or perhaps your friends are saying “you could really make progress if you got a coach”?  Here’s just some great reasons for finding a coach to work with you You’re stuck in your career You’re at […]