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I am a qualified professional coach with a specialism in taking coaching conversations outdoors. I firmly believe my coaching clients gain huge benefits from spending time in and around nature and natural environments. Some clients come to me because they already know they want to step outdoors in their coaching sessions, others are surprised when I first suggest it but are keen to give it a go and then quickly fall in love with the experience. Coaching outdoors provides many benefits already known about in terms of the benefits of nature on mental and physical wellbeing. But there is also a special connection that happens when coaching outdoors. Nature provides so many opportunities to experience metaphor, mimicry and awe, it’s ever changing, provides an open field of vision and walking, sitting or standing side-by-side is a wholly different experience to sitting opposite each other in a room. I am a big fan of providing evidence of why coaching is so beneficial for clients, so I carried out my own research into the benefits specifically of outdoor coaching which will be published in the next edition of the International Coaching Psychology Review (2022). I also co-host The Coaching Outdoors Podcast, which is a bi-weekly interview with a guest who is either a fellow outdoor coach or someone who specialises in an aspect of the great outdoors. The podcast guest shares their insights into their coaching outdoors practice, their specialism and the tools and techniques they use. You can find all episodes at www.coaching-outdoors.com In 2021 I co-wrote a chapter in the Coaches Handbook with my podcast co-host, all about the research into outdoor coaching, the practicalities and some suggested tools and techniques. Through my research, the podcast and the book chapter I am very keen to spread and share knowledge and insights about outdoor coaching with the wider coaching world and encourage as many coaches and clients as possible to step outdoors. I do of course also do indoor and virtual coaching for clients who don’t want to step outside, although I’ll take the opportunity when it arises to bring the outdoors indoors for these clients. I’m happy to follow my client’s lead. And I work all over Scotland and the rest of the UK, as well as internationally. I love coaching, it’s my passion and I love the outdoors, which is my other passion. www.alexburnconsulting.com

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