Amanda Harrison

Lightbulb Moments: Working with you to change your life and reach your potential. Together we will clear the white noise, make informed decisions that are right for you and help you lead with clarity and purpose!
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My greatest enjoyment comes when working with people and helping them to achieve their goals, professionally develop themselves, or just supporting them to clear the white noise and be able to work with more clarity and purpose. I consider the work I do with senior leaders and executives to be a great privilege, and built on over 25 years of experience. In my role, I bring a credible and empathetic space, having led two very successful organisations myself, within areas with significant challenges. Providing a safe and confidential space to explore and analyse issues, whilst also providing open and honest discussion, with a coach who understands the many challenges of leadership, is crucial. Together we will work on a collective vision for your organisation and plan the strategy behind it. Supporting purpose-led leadership, within an environment of psychological safety is what I am all about! My role is to take a person centred approach, adapting to your needs at any given moment, and working with you to plot a route that works for you to achieve your goals and aims. Through open, honest reflection and questioning, I help you to make the right decision for you and to understand why you react in a particular way. Together we will work on strategies to bring clarity to the decisions you make, we will work towards specific goals, support your leadership development and your personal growth and allow you to see impact. My clients describe me as : * insightful *transformative after working with me *knowledgeable *motivating * challenging (but always with the right amount of support to catch you when you are spiralling) *full of integrity and genuine care *someone who can make you think outside of the box! What do I do? * 1:1 coaching which is client centred and focusing on goal and aspirations * group coaching to create behavioural change and top support during transitions * supporting through any form of transition, with a focus on clearing the white noise which confuses and distracts you * building confidence, resilience and tackling imposter syndrome * asking the BIG questions in your life and helping you to work your way through fixed mindsets and blocks * building effective and successful working relationships * First 90+ days * strengthening skills of Leadership and management – individual and groups * Career and development coach

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