Andrew Wainstein

Experienced business leader, Life & Executive coach supporting clients to become more purposeful, more fulfilled and more themselves in their careers and lives as a whole.

Coach Profile

As Founder of Fantasy League I led the business for three decades; introducing fantasy football to the UK, building a brand, audience and partnerships and nurturing teams and a company culture that has stood the test of time.

This immensely rewarding and challenging journey taught me the as much about running a successful business as it did about myself.  Not least the importance of remaining connected to what matters most and valuing what is uniquely yours.

My career and life have led me to coaching, with a passion to help people get hold of these qualities in their work and lives as a whole; so that they can become more purposeful, more fulfilled and more themselves in everything they do.

Do any of these sound like you?

    • You’re feeling stuck or facing a career crossroads
    • You want to be fulfilled and energised by your work
    • You need to become more effective in leading your team or business
    • You want your work to connect more deeply with your passions or values
    • You want to feel more confident and more yourself at work

Who I Work With

I work with anyone who is demanding more out of their work.  Whether you’re needing to find your stride, considering changing job or career or seeking a greater sense of purpose or authenticity in your career, we should speak.  I also work with managers and founders who need support in any aspect of leadership for their team or their business.

My Journey

I launched Fantasy League in 1991, introducing fantasy football to the UK, then leading a successful business over the last three decades.  Starting out as a passionate 25 year-old football fan, the business grew quickly and with it, I had to grow up too.  This was as challenging as it was rewarding, but over time I realised that the passion I’d started out with was no longer there, and what was holding me back was fear of making a change.

It was a huge struggle. It took a while to engage in a process of self-discovery through coaching and other work, gradually gaining a better understanding of myself. I started to see that much of my identity had been shaped by my work, and how other valuable and important parts of myself had been lost.

Now as a coach, I am starting to uncover these qualities and supporting clients in doing the same, so that they can feel more alive, more fulfilled and more themselves.

Getting Started

We start with a 90-minute session where you can explain what you’re looking for from coaching and we can see how we work together.  This is free of charge with no obligation to continue. Contact me via [email protected] to arrange.

What My Clients Say

“an intuitive, incisive and empathic coach who takes a genuine interest”

“after each session, I felt inspired and empowered to move forward with my project.”

“warm, thoughtful and encouraging”

“come away from sessions with actions and confidence to take forward my ideas and make meaningful change.”

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