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Executive Life Coaching For Women in Midlife
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I am a fully accredited ICF ACTP Executive Life Coach who specialises in supporting professional women, who are seeking to dismantle the overwhelm and anxieties that are holding them back – opening the door to a more satisfying and fulfilled life.

To support my clients fully through their midlife, I am a Licensed Menopause Champion, as part of the Menopause Experts Group. I am an expert in helping my clients positively move through the psychological, physical, and emotional aspects of menopause.

Not every woman in midlife struggles with the symptoms of menopause, in fact, 25% of women do not suffer from menopause symptoms at all. However, this challenging life stage can develop anxieties, self-limiting beliefs and a lack of confidence you may have never experienced before.

​I partner with you to support and guide you through this unfamiliar territory and turn your vision for your life into reality.

My coaching programmes focus on providing you with the tools and strategies necessary, to manage these challenging transitions, enabling you to thrive professionally and personally.

I offer a variety of programmes, tailored for Executive and Leadership Coaching, all conducted virtually and on a timescale ranging from a single session to a 12-month programme.

As an executive life coach, I specialise in working with women through the stages of menopause because I understand first-hand the challenges that this transition can bring. After experiencing severe anxiety, brain fog, and fatigue brought on by perimenopause, I went through a devastating time in my career. Despite having 25 years of experience in senior positions within the retail industry, I lost all confidence in my abilities, and anxiety consumed me entirely. Unfortunately, this resulted in me leaving a career which I had always loved.

Through a combination of taking HRT to reduce my physical symptoms and having life coaching to work on my mental blocks, anxiety and self-limiting beliefs, I was able to turn my experience into a positive one and rediscover my passion for helping other women navigate this challenging time. I now endeavour to work with like-minded women to achieve similar results.

Some of the benefits of life coaching for women in menopause include:

​Reducing anxiety and stress: Coaching sessions can provide a safe and supportive space for you to discuss any worries or concerns you may have about menopause, as well as help you develop strategies for managing stress and anxiety.

Improving sleep: Insomnia is a common symptom of menopause, but coaching can help you identify and address the root causes of your sleep disturbances and develop healthy sleep habits.

Enhancing relationships: Menopause can impact personal and professional relationships, but coaching can help you maintain positive connections and develop effective communication skills.

Boosting productivity: As a life coach, I can help you set clear goals and develop actionable plans for achieving them, increasing your productivity and success.

Increasing self-awareness: Coaching can help you explore your values, beliefs, and goals more deeply, leading to greater self-awareness and personal growth.

I provide a non-judgmental space where you can explore your unique experience and develop strategies to manage your symptoms.  The process will be stretching, challenging, and thought-provoking and you will need to be committed to the process to achieve the results you expect and deserve.

I am committed to working with you to achieve long-term results and creating sustainable changes that will positively impact your life. Let’s work together to turn this challenging transition into an opportunity for growth and empowerment.


“Angela was able to make me think very succinctly about the root of something that had been troubling me for a while and whilst it was uncomfortable, it had great effect!  In reflection, I was frustrated with myself initially (quite usual for me), then a little scared to have the conversations required, but as part of my manifestations, I plugged into how I wanted the conversations to go, and hey presto!  It was really interesting and helped me solve the dilemma, without all the emotion associated with it.”

Anna Business Founder

“I am extremely grateful to Angela for creating the space for me to explore my anxiety during our coaching session together. I went into our session not really knowing what I wanted to share and Angela’s approach enabled me to feel comfortable to challenge myself and uncover what really needed unblocking. I felt completely at ease during the session, this was down to Angela’s ability to frame thought-provoking questions in a way that built trust and allowed me to share my vulnerabilities. I’ve already managed to put the actions we discussed into practice and it’s made a massive difference to how I now approach my work!”

Jaimi, OD & L&D Principal Officer


Training, qualifications & experience

I am a Globally Accredited ICF ACTP Professional Coach and Founder of Green Path Coaching. I have completed 152 hours of coach-specific training hours, on the diploma in professional coaching practice.

I have also completed the Certificate in Executive Coaching.

I am also a trained Licensed Menopause Champion, working in Partnership with the Menopause Experts Group.

My background is 25+ years as a Merchandise Director for fashion retailers. My passion was always leading and supporting my teams and have spent those years mentoring and coaching highly successful teams to perform to the peak of their ability.

After reaching perimenopause and suffering the devastating effects of anxiety, I decided that I wanted to become a full-time life coach to support other women, who are suffering like I did, to live their lives empowered and filled with ambition, and confidence.

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