David Bottomley

Leadership, team, career and retirement coach, focussing on your values, goals, beliefs and mindsets, enabling you to progress to a more fulfilled and satisfying life and career..
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An insightful, empathetic and experienced coach who helps leaders, managers and individuals in all walks of life.   David’s coaches leaders to develop their full potential; by using all of their unique strengths, values and personality to become authentic, trusted and inspirational leaders. He coaches people looking to advance their careers, helping them clarify their goals, build on their strengths and overcome their self-limiting beliefs. He helps them to secure a role which is aligned with their values and life ambitions. He is also a professional team coach, working with teams to become significantly more productive, energised and fulfilled and high-performing. Through coaching, David enables people in all walks of life to develop positive mindsets, and strategies to improve how they feel, operate and find their own success in the world. He listens carefully and asks revealing, challenging questions. He uses, thought-provoking exercises to help clients understand more about themselves, see new perspectives, and come to practical and potentially life-changing conclusions and resolutions. His clients describe him as calm, empathetic, trustworthy, insightful and positively challenging. He is a Barefoot-trained and ICF ACC qualified coach, who has successfully worked with over 150 clients, plus teams and groups, both online and in person. David spent a successful career in senior leadership roles in business, up to board level for major global businesses. He has a wealth of personal experience of the challenges and opportunities of working in a wide range of organisations.

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