Deborah Talbot

Relationship and self-development coach who works with individuals and couples on their relationships with themselves and others.
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I’m a relationship and self-development coach and I work with people on their relationships with themselves and others. What do I mean by that?

The ‘others’ bit is pretty clear. I work with individuals and couples on their romantic relationships, friendships and workplace relationships. Clients come to me to help sort out conflicts and difficulties they are having with others, and I support them to understand what is prompting this and work on communication and behavioural change. Some of the issues you may bring, either as an individual or couple, are:

·      You want to find a partner or get back into dating.

·      Something has changed for you – a new family, pregnancy, retirement, a new job – and it’s putting pressure on your relationship.

·      Things have got routine for you as a couple.

·      You are no longer in love and may want to break up.

·      You need help after a break up.

·      You are not communicating well with your partner, leading to resentment and arguments that don’t resolve anything.

But what about your relationship with yourself? Often people come to coaching to gain insight into themselves, and need a safe, confidential space to explore that. It might be that you have trouble with perfectionism, not being assertive, self-criticism, indecisiveness, drivenness, to name a few. We can explore what is driving these feelings and behaviours and work together to heal these internal relationships and work towards change.

Sorting out these internal and external relationships can really help to free us to be ourselves, do what we really want, have more confidence, be more creative, be more assertive at work, accepting oneself and others and many other goals.


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