Leo Aces

Accredited Disability and Gender Identity Life Coach

Coach Profile

Hello, I’m Leo. I’m a Empowerment Coach and Impact Speaker

I have a disability, Cerebral Palsy which affects my speech and movements and I’m queer

I am passionate about raising awareness of different intersectionality’s and people’s experiences, as in society it is often overlooked.

I coach disabled and LGBTQI+ communities

Individual, 3 & 6 month program’s available

Sessions are via Zoom with in-person sessions available as part of program

Payment plans available ranging from 1 – 12 months, I believe coaching should be accessible to everybody

What I can help with:

🔶Developing confidence in day-to-day interactions 🔶Making your ambitions reality 🔶Coming out as LGBTQI+ 🔶Gender Identity Questioning 🔶Social and Medical Gender Transitioning 🔶Mindset around dating with a disability 🔶Preparing for employment as a disabled, LGBTQI person

What will Empowerment Coaching give you A Confidence Force Field Developing your confidence to take on any situation with velocity and gain a deep-rooted belief in yourself!

Visibility Pride  Nurturing your ability to be seen and proud of who you are.

Fight Not Flight  Building psychological muscles to remain firm, whilst fair with beliefs against conflict.

Supercharging Your Autonomy  Growing our capacity to be our own person, according to reason and motivation

Revelling Your Value Discovering unique strengths, qualities and how to utilise them.

My experience  I have over 10 years’ experience working within Disability and LGBTQI+ communities globally, as well as a lifetime of lived experience as a queer Transgender person with Cerebral Palsy.

Coaching many Trans+ and Non-Binary people with their social “coming out” and transitions. Guiding young people with physical disabilities prepare for their transition into adulthood and assist them in gaining autonomy.

What working with me looks like 🌀Unlimited support and communication between sessions. 🌀Taylor made coaching activities to really identify what’s holding you back and stopping you from achieving big goals and dreams. 🌀 Deep, impactful coaching to uncover unconscious blocks 🌀Free access to an online coaching platform, to complete  your bespoke activities.

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