Lorna MacDougall

Empowering women to realign, refocus, and thrive.
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I provide online coaching specialising in empowering women to stop, re-focus and reconnect with what’s important. Perhaps you’re lacking confidence, feeling stuck, dissatisfied, or even overwhelmed. Together, we can establish what a fulfilled life means to you and chart a course to get there. As a Senior Practitioner Coach accredited by the EMCC and holding a Master’s degree, I bring over 15 years of business and personal development experience to my coaching practice. I have guided, trained, and coached individuals and business owners throughout my career, fostering their personal and professional growth. In 2021, I founded Willow Coaching Limited, a venture grounded in the principles of honesty, respect, and compassion. I am dedicated to building authentic connections while deriving joy from continuous self-development (I am currently pursuing a diploma in neurodiversity with a focus on supporting women with or suspecting they may have ADHD). My approach prioritises flexibility, self-compassion, and mindfulness as essential tools for both personal and professional success, recognising their pivotal role in fostering overall well-being. Feel free to get in contact and arrange a free, no-obligation, 30-minute chat to find out more.    

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