Louisa Harrison

Supporting you to be your unlimited self and bloom with ease, purpose and authenticity.
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You are in a leadership role, have set up your own business or are ready to make a change. You are ambitious and driven to achieve and you have great potential. You know what you are striving for. But something is holding you back, it could be self-doubt, a lack of confidence, a fear of failure or an inability to ‘show-up’. You are feeling frustrated at not being able to move forward, reach your full potential or feel truly fulfilled.

I will support you in uncovering, understanding and overcoming what holds you back in work and life so you can feel more empowered to move forward with confidence, fulfil your potential and achieve greater intention, clarity and ease.  

When coaching I create a safe and supportive place where we can work in partnership to identify what you want to achieve and to build awareness to empower your choices and facilitate change.  I am supportively challenging in my approach and will hold you accountable to any plans and actions you make.   

I completed a Masters in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School and am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the ICF and a Certified Practitioner with the EMCC. 

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