Maria Jeffers

I am passionate about supporting people to realise and achieve their goals whilst enjoying the process along the way.

Coach Profile

I am an advocate of deep self-awareness, how we think leads to how we behave.

I believe in developing a growth mindset that allows us to embrace our failures, seeing these experiences as necessary steps along the way to success, even redefining what success is.

A change in mindset in specific areas opens a whole new world of opportunity.

I am passionate about supporting others to become comfortable in their own skin and feel a sense of achievement from work and life in general.

I have a corporate background in recruitment and business development within the field of occupational psychology. I am a trained psychometric practitioner.

In my mid 30’s I took an 8-year career break to focus on raising my family. I worked on my own self development in this time.

In 2021 I embarked on an EMCC coaching accreditation and became a licensed user of the globally evidenced mental toughness assessment. During that time, I worked in a business development role for AQR International who developed the mental toughness assessment. Having both a theoretical and practical understanding of the mindset required for achieving high performance and personal wellbeing enables me to support others on their journey.

Over the last 3 years I have developed a passion for show jumping. At the start my issue was how I was approaching this mentally. This sport unearthed a lot of personal fear and self-doubt. Using the concept of mental toughness to understand my own thinking has been an enabler for me. When anxious before an event and under pressure to perform, I now know where to target purposeful practice and I make sure I reflect on the outcome. Improving the way, I feel about myself has in turn improved my riding and is enabling me to achieve my goals in this sport.

I am excited to support others in achieving higher levels of wellbeing, performance and aspiration.

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