Paula Crowhurst

Ask great questions and gain clarity about what you want. Make sensible decisions by being head savvy and not head strong. Feel empowered and move toward fulfilling your dreams!

Coach Profile

I am the founder of Polly Bloom Divorce & Separation Coach in the UK. I specialise in moving my clients away from pain and towards pleasure.  Prior to becoming a divorce coach, I gained many years of experience as a Learning Mentor; helping to support children struggling to cope emotionally with the separation and/or divorce of their parents and am the author of children’s book ‘Keep On Swimming Freddie.’ I support individuals through the 4P’s of divorce – Pre, Planning, Processing and Post. Dealing with their divorce story, my clients are then able to manage the business of divorce.  By dialling down their emotions they are able to think about the bigger picture.   Great coaches ask great questions that help individuals to gain clarity about what they want.  Questions also help accurately assess his/her’s current reality, decide what needs to be done, and commit to the actions that support them in moving toward fulfilling their dreams.  My coaching is based around NLP strategies and techniques.  I specialise in working with women 50 plus who have given up their career to raise their family and now find themselves all alone because their children and husband have flown the nest. I also help to identify any red flags in a relationship. The single most important thing that has contributed to my success is that I coach from own personal experience.  Testimonials from my clients show how they feel ‘heard’.  Insightfulness, positivity, warmth and compassion are also qualities acknowledged by them. It’s not what happens to you that defines you, it’s the way you respond to it!

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