Sanna Jordansson

My coaching approach is Radical Candour for Radical Results. I ask clients to bring their all. Results come from a place of stripping down the complexity and uncovering the simplicity of owning our actions and behaviours; creating choice.
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As a Executive and Business Coach , my coaching approach has been influenced by my Swedish upbringing, years in senior executive/NED positions, and a strong belief that organisations who integrate their Financial and HR goals under an integrated “People & Commercial” banner will achieve greater return on investment; sustainably. I’ve chosen to take on roles in sectors as varied as fund management, education, not-for profit, as well as architecture and design. My style is straight forward, pragmatic, and impact oriented. I focus on self-coaching techniques to ensure clients have long term access to tools which they can continue to build on outside a coaching relationship; my absolute belief is that the aim of any coach should be to make ourselves obsolete. I believe that impactful change starts with an ability to analyse context, interactions, and behaviours; in ourselves, in others, and in the organisation. Therefor I focus on building clients’ observational skills in a way that increases their impact, confidence and allows them to use a strategic mindset in everyday situations. Your Story Coaching Values are simple: Frankness – Partially my Swedish upbringing. Partially my disdain for insincere flattery. If we can show up for ourselves and others with supportive candour we get to our goals faster, and we certainly have more fun in the process! Depth – The power of observation lies deep. Lead with kind curiosity of what is there once we have removed the layers of learnt behaviours and lacquered surface; you will find your core strengths and own them. Nature – Being in nature is close to my heart. It’s where you can reset your nervous system and challenge yourself on who actually is there once the distractions are removed . In the wilderness, you can meet who you really are, perhaps you’ll like the true version! I’m Insights Discovery Accredited Practitioner & Distributor in addition to my coaching qualification and accreditations. 

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