Independent coaching book reviews 

All the coaching books mentioned on our site have been independently reviewed by coaches, for coaches.

If you have a favourite coaching book (or a selection of individual chapters) that you’d like to offer a review on, just drop us a message and we’ll gladly tag you in the review if it’s published.

If you are an author, get in touch for a fast-track review to be published as you launch.

Many of our books are in our own collections already, and are on the recommended reading lists of may coaching training providers. 

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What is Empathy?

From a coaching point of view, empathy from a coach can help their clients think clearer or deeper about their own motivations, wishes and feelings,

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6 Feedback Tips for Coaches

How do Coaches share feedback without offending? In our Facebook Group recently (see below for link), we were asked this question: “Thomas Pain quoted ‘he

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Coaching Supervision

What is Coaching Supervision?

Coaching Supervision is a process where Coaches seek support, mentoring and coaching from a trained and qualified Coach Supervisor. This provides the Coach with new

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