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Find a Coach in a Maze

Where and how do you start to find a Coach?

OK, so you’ve decided that finding a coach is a good idea? Perhaps others close to you have recommended that you find one? You’ve made your mind up, so how do you go about finding one?

There are a lot of qualities to look for in a coach. 

So how do you find a good, qualified coach that comes with recommendations and a great reputation? That won’t rip you off and will deliver great results? 

Step 1 – First Things First

The first thing to consider on your journey to find a coach is what type of coach you are looking for? In theory a lot of coaches can and will coach on just about any topic, however we’d recommend that you find a coach that has knowledge and experience of your own situation.

Our article called 8 Reasons You Need a Coach might help? Or perhaps 10 Things a Coach Can Do For You will help you think about what you’re trying to get from coaching.

This can all be relatively straightforward if you know for certain that you need something specific like a Career Coach because you’re looking for a promotion, or have an interview coming up, but if your challenge is harder to pin down, or your goal is harder to define, knowing what type of coach you want can be a challenge.

There are coaches for every type of client – some coaches specialise in specific challenges or life-stages, such as career coaching. Although some coaches are more general, most coaches use multiple tools and frameworks that work for you and them. 

Step 2 – Types of Coach

We have provided information about some different types of coaches on our Types of Coach page – see if any of those resonate with you, there’s everything from Executive Coaching to Relationship Coaching and if you can’t see what you’re looking or none of these resonate with you, drop us an email and we’ll help to match you.

Step 3 – Approaching a Coach 

Once you’ve identified your challenge and a couple of coaches you’re interested in, then it’s time to make contact. 

All of our coaches are encouraged to offer you a complementary meeting first – this is often called a “chemistry meeting”, and it is an important stage for you, the client, to recognise whether you feel rapport with the coach enough that you can work with them. Rapport leads to trust and trust leads to a better coaching relationship.

Step 4 – Choosing the Right One

Once you’ve had a chemistry meeting with one or more coach, you’ll have a good feel about whether you “like” your coach enough to start a programme with them. You will enter into an agreement with them that involves length of programme, length and frequency of meetings, and location etc. Also importantly you’ll agree the cost of the programme with your coach. 

Coaches fees vary widely. In general you will pay more for a coach that has more experience, and you will pay more for a coach with a higher credential (e.g. PCC or MCC). You will be paying for their experience, their previous results, their academic investment and their ongoing investment into their own development.


Step 5 – Starting your Coaching Programme

Once the essentials are sorted, it’s time to get started with your coach. The first activity undertaken at this stage will be a phase known by coaches as “Contracting”. There’s an article here that highlights some useful pointers for a contracting session called Coaching and Contracting. This will give you some useful pointers to think about before your first session. Your coach might have more to add, and this is an important stage in the first session to spend time on. 
Contracting is often revisited during a coaching programme to ensure that you are getting what you need from your coach.

Types of Coach


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Find a Coach in a Maze




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