What type of coach are you looking for?

Finding a Coach can be a Challenge – so where do you start?

Here we try and explain some of the key characteristics of the most common types of coach. If you need any help to find a coach that suits you, and matching to a Coach that’s right for you, then you can email us to find out about our coach-matching service.

When you’re starting out finding a coach that’s right for you, we’ve written a guide that might help you when you’re getting started.

Business Coach

A Business Coach can help you develop and grow your business, addressing gaps, identify weaknesses, and helps to recognise potential risks.

Executive Coach

Executive Coaching links your performance to that of your company by identifying goals and stretching them, ensuring that motivation drives improvement.

Career Coach

A Career Coach is a great addition to your support network – they are qualified to help you at critical times in your career, when you’re looking at changing, moving, moving up or moving on.

Leadership Coach

A Leadership Coach will often work with senior leadership levels in organisations, sometimes in cases where a leader is newly promoted or perhaps where there is conflict in a team.

Performance Coach

A Performance Coach will usually be extremely goal focussed – helping you get to your goal smarter & faster, achieving more in a better way, and sooner.

Relationship Coach

A Relationship Coach can help you understand the impact that you have on others and them on you, help you to see what is happening and help you devise methods for improving relationships with others.

Team Coach

Team Coaching is all about a common goal and achieving results for the organisation, team and individuals. It gives the team the opportunity to recognise their opportunities to grow.

Strengths Coach

A Strengths Coach uses a strengths-based approach to tune into your motivation. They will help you identify what your strengths are and what happens when you use them effectively.

Life/Personal Coach

A Life (or Personal) Coach can help empower you to make decisions and changes to your life, in order to achieve goals and your full potential.

Wellness Coach

A Wellness Coach can support you as you set new health & wellbeing habits & goals.

This might involve nutrition, weight loss, health, fitness and more.

ADHD Coach

An ADHD Coach is professionally trained to help you find ways to manage your life, activities and responsibilities which are made harder by your ADHD symptoms.

Transformational Coach

A Transformational Coach works with you on raising your awareness of what is going on unconsciously so you can better identify more helpful ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Sports Coach

A Sports Coach will support professional athletes, teams, community or school groups, working closely with them to improve performance.