Business Coach

A Business Coach is here primarily to help you develop and grow your business.

They can work with you from your intitial idea through to launching it and beyond – they are able to help you assess the feasibility of your idea, address gaps, identify weaknesses, and help recognise risks.

• Supports business owners and entrepreneurs to manage their businesses better
• Is focussed on the achievement of business growth
• Helps identify effective systems & processes to help run your business
• Works with individuals, groups & teams
• Helps you to develop new vision and commercial strategies
• Assists in the achievement of goals, prioritisation & robust plans
• Offers challenge as much as support

They will be able to recognise where you need to improve how you run your business, from developing your leaders through to planning for business growth.

Business Coaching – Specialists

Some business coaches also specialise in exit planning – the steps that need to be recognised, planned & implemented in the many years prior to leaving your business to ensure that you get maximum value for your investment.

There can be a crossover between business coaching, consulting and mentoring – all of these are valid and some coaches will blend their offer to suit what you require, and each skill has merits in t’sown right, and will give you different outcomes. Or the same outcomes in different ways.

Often related to the objectives of a business coach are: team coaching, leadership coaching, relationship coaching and strengths coaching.

Featured Business Coaches

Alexandra Burn

Business Coach