Executive Coach

What is an Executive Coach?

An Executive Coach can help you grow your skills in the leadership of your team, your relationships with peers, and internal & external stakeholders, your line manager and your engagement and influencing with the Board. 

In addition to this, Executive Coaching will often explore more personal needs, such as derailers and personal blockers, and will certainly help you consider the impact on those close to you of the actions you take in your business.

• Supports you at senior levels in an organisation, focussing on your achievement of business growth
• Helps you to develop new personal skills & commercial strategies
• Assists in the achievement of stretching goals, prioritisation & robust plans
• Grows your confidence in making difficult decisions
• Recognises and identifies risk & mitigation
• Creates higher perspectives, seeing outcomes from a different angle
• Offers challenge as well as support, giving you a “sounding board” when you need one

Ultimately, Executive Coaching links your own performance to that of your company – by identifying goals and stretching them, aiding you with decision making and in strategies and business plans that are robust and return the coaching investment, building talent in your teams, recognising their strengths and succession potential, and improving your engagement across the whole business so that your motivation drives improvement.

The Return on Investment (ROI) of a good Executive Coach can very often be in the region of 1000% and frequently much more for excellent & experienced coaches. 

Often related to the objectives of an Executive Coach are: team coaching, leadership coaching, business coaching and strengths coaching.

Featured Executive Coaches

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