Leadership Coach

A Leadership Coach will often work with senior leadership levels in organisations

They are especially used in cases where a leader is newly promoted or perhaps where there is conflict in a team.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

  • Clarifies essential leadership skills so that you grow confidence as a leader
  • Helps you address a specific & current or longstanding situation or challenge with yourself or your team
  • Make faster progress towards achieving your business and personal goals 
  • Develop your behaviours and competencies so that you align with organisation values, and become a more mature leader
  • Get the best from your team by recognising barriers to performance and improving their effectiveness

Coaching Objectives

The Leadership Coach will usually have objectives set at the start of the coaching programme with the client which might include:

  • How to make the move effectively from managing people to leading them
  • Supporting you as you develop mature & effective leadership skills
  • Helping to resolve interpersonal conflicts among team members (employees)
  • Help to fix management level behavioural problems
  • Helping team and individuals recognise conflict and/or lack of trust
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts among team members (employees)


A Leadership Coach is especially useful when a new leader needs to implement change to strategy, goals, purpose, values or structure, perhaps where the team itself has changed with new arrivals and change to dynamics. The phrase “hit the ground running” is appropriate here – the organisation wants you to deliver results fast, and a Leadership Coach can definitely add that value.

A Leadership Coach will be able to detect conflict & complacency, the need for effective feedback, and will share useful models and leadership theory to grow capability.

Often related to the objectives of a Leadership Coach are: team coachingrelationship coaching, business coaching, executive coaching  and strengths coaching.

Featured Leadership Coaches

Christina Gillett

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