Performance Coach

Performance Coaching is usually extremely goal focussed

How often do we think we know what we want to achieve, only to discover that gaps in willpower and self-discipline hold us back?

Smarter and faster with a Performance Coach – achieve more in a better way, and sooner 

It will be very important that the goals you have are actionable and that you can commit to achieving them – the coach then will hold you accountable as you move through the journey of getting there.
  • Suitable for leaders, employees and any groups or individuals.
  • Improves performance with the use of both high challenge and high support
  • Boosts productivity, efficiency & effectiveness throughout the workplace
  • Creates goal focussed actions and encourages accountability


A Performance Coach will help with some of the psychological barriers that might be stopping you or slowing you down with achieving your goals.

When to Use Performance Coaching

Performance coaching helps you explore your motivation, and overcome the blockers that are holding you back. It’s about offering high support and high challenge. 

It’s particularly useful for the following:

  • Working through career change points – when you transition from manager to leader, or move company. Coaching will help you achieve results faster.

  • Long-term life and career planning – if you have clear plans and goals you will be much more likely to be successful in the long term.

  • Handling major life setbacks – performance coaching can help you recover from major setbacks, either in your personal life or in business. Your Performance Coach can help you address work-life imbalance, stress or burnout.

  • Making changes to your performance or behaviour – This involves identifying, acknowledging and then breaking unhelpful habits, and then relearning skills so that you can be more effective.

Your performance Coach can also help employees at all levels better understand the needs of their jobs, the competencies required to fill those requirements, any gaps in their current performance, and opportunities to improve. 

Your Performance Coach can then work with the employees, their bosses, and others in their company to help fill performance gaps at all levels and develop plans for further professional & personal development.

Often related to the objectives of a performance coach are: wellness coachingleadership coachingexecutive coaching and strengths coaching.

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