Relationship Coach

Relationships are all around us. 

Relationships aren’t just romantic, they are family, friendships, professional, the local shop-keeper, the milkman – anyone that you interact with is in a type of relationship with you. 

Which means that you have an impact on that person with what you say and do. How you are perceived by them. And how you perceive what they perceive.

A Relationship Coach will help you understand all of this, and help you to understand what you expect to get from a relationship, and how you can adapt to achieve that.

Some key benefits of hiring a Relationship Coach are:

  • Help you to resolving your own internal dilemmas by understanding your mindset in relation to other people.
  • Coach you to improve communications with others.
  • Learn how to manage your own emotions so that issues can be dealt with more rationally.
  • Understand how relationships work, and how to reciprocate.
  • Understand the impact of trust on relationships

A Relationship Coach can help you understand that impact that you have on others and them on you, help you to see what is happening and help you devise methods for improving relationships with others.

In the workplace this might be around working with people you don’t understand, influencing stakeholders, or even reducing conflict.

At home it might be more romantic, and it might even be couples being coached together on their relationship.

Overall a Relationship Coach has a clear outcome – to improve your interaction with another person.

Often related to the objectives of a relationship coach are: leadership coaching, parent coaching and life coaching.


Featured Relationship Coaches

Paula Crowhurst

Relationship Coach