Strengths Coach

What is a Strengths Coach?

A Strengths Coach, or a Coach that uses a strengths-based approach is one who helps you tune into your motivation. They will look for clues that describe ‘what gets you out of bed in the morning’, what makes you ‘go the extra mile’, what keeps you ‘in the stretch zone’.

Often Strengths Coaching is underpinned & supported by a scientifically grounded psychometric tool – Strengthscope™ is one of those, and our Founder, Steph Durbin, often talks often about how strengths define a great deal of our achievements and our peak performance.

Strengths blend with skills which both blend with goals. 

They’re not the same thing – and the sweet spot is in the middle of all 3. When you are motivated and energised in an area that you have skills & knowledge in, and this is aligned to your goals (often of your business, but can be personal too) – this is when the magic happens. The Zone of Peak Performance.

A Strengths Coach will recognise all of this and help you see the difference between each of the 3 areas and guide you to recognise how you perform at your best.

Most well practised coaches will be able to help you recognise your strengths that motivate you, your skills that you can deliver, and the goals that you are working towards.

The challenge is when your skills and goals are aligned but not your strengths – you can sustain this for a considerable length of time, but eventually you’ll be demotivated and de-energised. You will be ready to walk away.

What we all need in life is a balance of what we’re good at (skills), what others need from us (goals) and what motivates us (strengths).A Strengths Coach can provide individuals a detailed understanding of what their strengths are. Coaches using a strengths-focused approach with you, exploring what most energises and motivates you.

Your Coach will support you to use your strengths to overcome performance risks such as limiting weaknesses, strengths going into overdrive, and how to stretch your strengths to take them to a whole new level in terms of success outcomes in the workplace.
Focusing on what energises you can help to refocus on the positive – and boost performance levels to ensure successful outcomes!

Often related to the objectives of a Strengths Coach are: team coachingleadership coachingrelationship coaching and executive coaching.

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