Team Coach

Team Coaching is all about results. 

For the organisation and the individuals. It also gives the team the opportunity to recognise their opportunities to grow as individuals and together.

The difference between Team Coaching and Group Coaching is that a Team has a common goal that they’re working towards.

What do you need from a Team Coach?

Well, this depends on who you are? If you’re the CEO, you might be more focussed on the goals as much as the people in the team.
If you’re in the team, you might be looking for someone to listen to you?

Overall, the Team Coach will provide a listening ear and a challenging voice. Help you see the way through the everyday noise and get to the point. The overall point, and the Coach’s goal is to get you all focussed on the single goal, work towards achieving its and deliver results. 

So, what you really need from a Team Coach is:

  • An understanding of the goal, which might be so far have been unachievable
  • An understanding of the individuals, which might so far have been overlooked
  • An understanding of the team dynamics, that are blocking goal being achieved by the individuals

How does a team coach do this?

A Team Coach will:

  • Focus on the whole, the goal is always to improve overall team effectiveness
  • Be aware of the system, sometimes a very complex system that the team work within
  • Deal with ambiguity, teams can be unpredictable, and the coach needs to be comfortable working with this.
  • Set boundaries, be in tune with the relationships that might be dividing the team
  • A focus on the long-term – it takes time. Immediate results aren’t always possible.

A Team Coach requires skills such as risk-taking, maturity and courage, patience and persistence.

Often related to the objectives of a Team Coach are: leadership coachingrelationship coachingstrengths coaching and business coaching

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