Transition Coach

  • Helps you transition successfully into your new role or position
  • Gives clarity about objectives in the short-medium term
  • Reduces the obstacles, and coaches you to get over hurdles
  • Can be about career change, promotion or even life changes

If you’ve just been offered a new role, a Career Transition Coach can help you from right the way through to 6 months or more after you’ve started. you need to be successful, and the focus your coach will help instil will ensure that you hit the ground running, and sustain a good pace, covering a multitude of touchpoints along the way, including your own development plan, stakeholder engagement & influencing, company strategy and the role you will play and much more.

If you are a company and are about to offer a senior role, or have offered already, you might be looking to engage a Transition Coach to ensure that your investment into the individual is realised. Many companies lose great recruits because they don’t offer the right amount of support & challenge from the outset, so providing an Executive Transition Coach can also be a significant benefit for a new hire.

The key focus points in both of these coaching arrangements are firstly the success of the individual, which leads to great results, satisfying career, motivations and great leadership of teams. Secondly is the company’s success – ensuring that the expenditure on recruiting a new hire has been worthwhile and is protected as an investment, but also that the new recruit delivers financial results (ultimately profit). The Return on Investment of an Executive/Transition Coach can be enormous.

Transition Coaches are also employed to help at other life and career change moments – examples might be Return To Work (after long term leave such as maternity or sickness), Retirement, Redundany and many more. More personal events such as Relocation, House Move and Bereavement can also be covered.

Featured Transition Coaches