What are the features of our Accelerator plan?

Accelerate your Business Growth & seize opportunities with enhanced exposure across our media networks and get featured profile opportunities.
All the features from our Professional Plan and so much more -

Online Group Coaching Supervision

Included in this package is twice yearly Group Supervision sessions. These are held at regular intervals, so there will always be options for which ones you want to book onto. If you need more frequent supervision consider upgrading to our Mastermind package, where you can double the supervision time. 

CPD Seminars, Webinars, Group Coaching

You will get exclusive early access to our webinars and training sessions – these will contribute to your ongoing Professional Development. Self-responsibility is one of our four Company Values, and we believe that Coaches have a responsibility to educate and learn as they go.


We will apply to each Coaching Body for CCEUs for our webinars, courses and training. Where these are awarded, they will be passed to you for each one you attend – making your professional accreditation renewals easier and more affordable.

Full and Featured Profile

Full bio field with up to 1000 words for you to really promote yourself and 52 opportunities throughout the year to be our “Coach of the Week”, ensuring even more exposure where you need it

Highlighted Posts & Blogs

If you write & share an article with us, we will highlight it and promote your material across our shared media platforms – this will include posting & resharing  on LinkedIn, tweeting about it and commenting on your posts about it. At all times you will be recognised as the original author and you will be tagged when we mention it anywhere.

Enhanced Engagement with your Social Media Profiles & Website

When you use our specific #hashtags we will engage regularly with your public media, throwing out your content to a greater audience and helping to grow your on-line profile.