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The Coach Directory Delivers a New Level of Accountability to the Coaching Industry

A new online directory for the executive, business & personal coaching profession is committed to elevating industry standards by providing a level of accountability that has previously not existed for the profession. The Coach Directory recently launched in the UK and seeks to revolutionise the industry by improving standards through self-regulation and encouraging coaches to commit to continued education, training & regular supervision. 

Steph Durbin is the founder of The Coach Directory and the directory’s Master Psychometrist, Executive Coach, and Coaching Supervisor. She holds the distinction of being a Barefoot trained coach and is accredited as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation.

The newly launched online directory champions self-regulation and self-responsibility as it builds a network of highly trained coaches for clients looking for services in the UK

Steph Durbin and a team of fellow coaches saw the need for regulation in the coaching industry, which is largely unregulated. Driven by their desire to fill this need and a passion for professional development, the team brought The Coach Directory to fruition to improve training, accreditation, insurance compliance and reputation across the coaching industry.

"The coaching industry is growing at an explosive rate, so it’s critical to maintain high levels of professional accountability. Even though the industry as a whole is unregulated, most in the profession do a good job of regulating themselves to maintain the integrity of the profession. The Coach Directory seeks to add to this culture of accountability by giving coaches a formalised space to advertise their services. And since we maintain rigorous standards to be featured in the directory, clients can be rest assured they are working with a coach who has been vetted by other professionals and has demonstrated competency in the field."

The Coach Directory has a three-fold purpose:

  • To uphold professional standards by screening all coaches by ensuring they have been trained by a reputable company, are registered and accredited with one of the recognised coaching bodies, and hold current professional insurance.

  • To give coaches a place to network and develop themselves with like-minded coaches and industry peers, supporting their growth and supervising their practice.

  • To deliver peace of mind to clients by giving them a way to find reputable coaches in several specific coaching categories, knowing that all coaches have been thoroughly screened and vetted by a professional body. 

Only coaches who adhere to The Coach Directory’s rigorous standards will be allowed to be featured. Coaches must have demonstrated proof of continued training and education with the industry’s accrediting organisations.

Prospective clients can visit The Coach Directory’s site and easily input what type of coaching they are looking for and their geographic region in the UK. The directory features Personal and Business Coaches, Executive Coaches, and more. 

More Information

For more information about The Coach Directory or media inquiries, please contact Steph Durbin at 07985379631 or via [email protected]. Alternatively, send a message here.





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