The Healing Power of the Coast

It’s that time of year, and we’re ready for it. Sunshine, warmer days, brighter nights and typically, holidays.

Usually, we cannot wait to ‘get away’, and this could mean going on a city break, a coastal break or an all-inclusive hotel break. Getting away, in general, gives us time out from our everyday lives, which can sometimes feel a little monotonous. A change of scenery and a reprieve from work can be all we need to feel rested. But, is there a scientific reason we typically swarm towards the ocean?

It is known, historically, that when people were suffering from an illness they were sent to the coast, and many may believe that it’s an old wives tale or something your grandparents, or parents used to tell you when you were younger to get you to go out. 

“Breathe in the fresh air.” “In through your nose, and out through your mouth.”

There is actually a huge amount of sense to be made out of it.

So, what is the healing power of the coast?

The salty sea breeze carries ions, particles or molecules that are negatively charged with electricity, which are whipped up off the ocean’s surface and carried through the air and have a positive effect on the chemicals in our own bodies. These specific ions are found to have had a positive result on symptoms of depression and on cognitive performance.

These particular negative ions aren’t only found in the sea breeze however, they can be found in many other places in nature, for example:

  • UV rays produced by the sun.
  • Thunderstorms
  • Ocean shore or waterfalls
  • Plants – indoor and outdoor ones

In a 2019 blog, these negative ions are said to have the following positive effects:

  • help regulate sleep patterns
  • help regulate moods
  • reduce stress
  • boost the immune system
  • increase metabolism
  • reduce the growth of harmful bacteria

There is also, usually, an increase in our daily vitamin D intake when we go to the coast. Whether that’s because the weather is just generally better, we spend more time in the sun, sat on the beach, or because we are away from home, there is more time to spend outside.

We could also say that the actual colour of the ocean is calming and that alone could be a healer, but maybe we’ll save colours for a different blog!

So does this shed some light on why we flock to the coast when we go on our holidays? It certainly does explain why, when we go to the coast, it makes us feel tired and we tend to sleep better and for longer.

Take this as your sign to consider a coastal break, if you haven’t already been on one this summer!





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