What is Coaching Supervision?

Coaching Supervision is a process where Coaches seek support, mentoring and coaching from a trained and qualified Coach Supervisor. This provides the Coach with new ways of thinking; continued personal & professional development; growth of self-awareness; a space to reflect, and a space to be vulnerable whilst feeling safe.

Sessions can be one-to-one, in groups, one-off sessions or as a part of a longer programme. 

What does a Coaching Supervisor do?

A Coaching Supervisor assists the Coach in identifying blindspots that might be affecting their work. 

These blind spots might be impacting the Coach and their business, the Coach’s client, and both the Coach and the clients “systems” (the world in which the coaches and clients work and live).

The Supervisor will help the Coach develop reflection skills, practice their own self-care and operate safely within an ethical framework.

Why is Coaching supervision important?

Without Coaching Supervision a Coach can become stuck & stale – either in their own ways of doing things, or their own thinking. They might use old models and frameworks that aren’t quite right for the case but they feel comfortable to the Coach. 

All of these reasons are helped by the Supervisor pushing the thinking, and the boundaries, helping the Coach to think and act differently.

How to pick the right supervisor?

Similar to how a Client picks a Coach, it is important to have a Coaching Supervisor that you trust, that you feel rapport with.

For the best experience you would choose a Supervisor that is willing to challenge you as well as support you, who can listen well and hear what you have to say, cutting through the “noise” and helping to get to the nub of the problem.

Who can benefit from Coaching Supervision?

FACT : ALL Coaches can benefit from effective Coaching Supervision.

Although it is not a legal requirement, at The Coach Directory we believe it is an obligation of Coaches to seek it out (self-responsibility is one of our values).  Hence why we provide Supervision in many formats for all our registered Accelerator & Mastermind Coaches.

What is the significance of Coaching Supervision?

Receiving Supervision shows that you are investing in your continuing professional development (CPD), and that you are staying updated with new ideas and alternative ways of approaching various coaching dilemmas as they arise.

Your Coach Supervisor will be ensuring that a Code of Ethics of the Coaching Industry is being followed.

How do I get coaching supervision?

If you are a Coach looking for Coaching Supervision then both the Accelerator and Mastermind subscriptions from The Coach Directory provide regular Group Supervision as an inclusive benefit. 

If you want to find a Coach Supervisor, then we can put you in touch with one through our extensive network.

Our own co-founder Steph Durbin is a qualified Coaching Supervisor, as well as  being an accredited PCC Coach with the International Coaching Federation.


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Coaching Supervision




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