About Us

The Coach Directory will only work with professionally accredited coaches.

The Coaching industry is growing at a fast rate and is self-regulated by most to an extremely high standard. It is vitally important that Coaches opt-in to this self-regulation.
Coaches must be able to evidence that they invest in their continuing development, uphold the highest ethical standards, upkeep their professional credentials, and protect their reputation – all for the sake of their clients, who deserve the best quality coaching.


To provide all Coaches on the Directory with: 

  1. Continuous Professional Development through Coaching Supervision
  2. A Leading-edge Web Portal
  3. Optimised Online Exposure


‘To provide an International Directory for well trained, qualified, certified & accredited Coaches, giving them a platform for opportunity to engage and develop themselves through ongoing professional development, supervision and to develop their businesses through online exposure generating introductions to potential new clients.’



Always looking for opportunities  to add value


Sharing collateral to support Continuous Professional Development (CPD)Professional - role modelling professional standards, and working within an ethical framework


Driving a culture that encourages personal ownership for outcomes 

Who We Are

We are a group of innovative thinkers, entrepreneurial and bold in our approaches – we have a fabulous blend of skills & strengths – we’re a mixture of Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Tech Geniuses and Marketing Gurus.

What we have in common is our passion to meet the needs of Coaches and their Clients:


Coaches need to have a platform that gives them what they need to grow personally, professionally & commercially


Clients need to know that when they are choosing a Coach they can feel safe in the knowledge that our Coaches have all been carefully validated as qualified, experienced & trusted professionals.

Want to get involved?

We came together to create something that’s modern, reachable, approachable and professional. 

Want to get involved?

If you’re media and you’re looking for input with an article from us or one of our coaches, please get in touch via email [email protected] or phone 07985 379631. Our team can be booked on request for tv/radio interviews.

If you’re an Investor – we’re open to discussions with forward thinking, like-minded investors – drop us a line to one of the team and we’ll talk with you about the opportunities we have.