Gemma North

Leading women to rediscover their self-worth, life values and purpose so that they feel confident to live authentically.
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Córe coaching, founded by coach Gemma North, offers a safe but active space to explore and rehearse your authentic self. As a coach I use my years of acting experience along with my passion to help women live authentically and have developed an accessible and relatable process to rehearse being you. Clients often come to me, having been through the rigours of therapy, feeling frustrated. They have done the hard work on uncovering influences on their beliefs and behaviours and are ready to embrace their authentic self. However, there is a stumbling block. They don’t know how to inhabit their authentic self and go out and own it. Common challenges include; a fear of judgement, worries that boundaries will hurt people’s feelings, concerns of being misunderstood, feelings of discomfort at asserting one’s needs and feeling as though there are insurmountable barriers getting in the way of their fulfilment. Core coaching can help by offering you the space and time to practice and rehearse, to make mistakes, to experiment, script boundaries and devise small-step goals to reinvigorate and refresh your whole perspective on life. Córe also runs regular workshops for women to creatively explore the self in a group environment and offers businesses, organisations and educational establishments bespoke workshops based around Values, Boundaries and Comfortable Confidence.

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