Tina Persson

I work with bright high-performing professionals wanting to challenge their status quo, taking them closer to their dream. I am always curious about your hidden dreams and fears stopping you from flying higher!
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As an ICF PCC Coach with an equal blend of an academic career as an Assistant Professor and an industrial experience in the recruitment and talent management business, I have managed everything from budget constraints and managing enrollments to developing new strategies and overcoming resistance to change.

I have empowered 1000+ high-performing professionals in science, engineering, and the IT business to maximize their career, leadership, and business success potential.

My coaching style is direct and transforming, and I challenge my clients’ status quo with a big heart.



If any of the following describes you, then contact me. I would love to serve you!

You are high-performing mid-career leaders seeking the next step in your career

You are an ambiguous professional, feeling you are stuck in your career, not able to communicate your ambitions to your manager

You feel you need someone to challenge your status quo. You are seeking someone to unlock and discover your true potential.

You are ready for a deep change and want to avoid accepting jobs, not in line with what you want.



I have served over 1000+ clients in their career and leadership in both academic and corporate settings. My coaching program is personalized to YOU and will take you end-to-end to find your passion, values, and interests unlocking your potential and reconnecting with your true self. Clients use a combination of self-discovery, regular coaching, tools, and assessments.

Examples of learnings could be:

Creating self-awareness around your drives & motivation, interests, and blind spots to ensure a long-term career & Leadership Success

Defining your natural talents to identify your preferred career field and management style

Set your career goals, vision, and action plan taking you step-by-step forward.

Learning about your communication and leadership style

Learning who you are in the team and how you efficiently communicate with team members and upper management



I got a new position I thought was out of reach for me – a life-changing experience

I felt my manager and team did not listen to me – learning about myself and my communication made me grow as a leaders

I discovered my inner power and potential

The coaching made me understand the importance of navigating in the wider exco system the organization to be a powerful leaders


Take action and email me today for a FREE consultation, and include any background information you feel would be helpful. See you soon!




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