Zavira Heinze

With 14 years of medical professional and humanitarian leadership experience, I support one-to-one clients, executives, groups and teams to maximise your potential with a holistic trauma-informed approach.
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Born and raised in Aruba I pursued a medical career in the Netherlands before moving to London. Committed to a career of humanitarian service, I have worked reconstructive plastic surgeon junior and still work as a doctor within the National Health Service.

I have experienced vulnerability and its ability to elevate growth and development in a human-to-human way. I have applied this learning in over 15 years in roles on executive boards and 20+ positions of responsibility in international humanitarian and global health organisations in charge of governance decisions, leading groups of 3000+ individuals and in the design and delivery of group leadership and soft skills development programs for humanitarian advocates.


As a leader on the local, national, regional, and international level of the several global health leadership organisations representing 1.3 million of the globe’s advocates, doctors and surgeons, and developed extensive experience creating success in resource limited conditions by tapping into the internal systems that drive individuals and connect groups of leaders to work together to make a difference.


My unique combination of skills and experience enables me to support my clients to transform themselves into effective and impactful humans in their careers and lives. I am a Co-Active Training Institute Certified Coach and UNICO Executive Coach and have also completed the Quantum Endeavors® Executive Team Coaching and Onboarding & Upboarding Coaching training and have earned the Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation. I am also a qualified soft skills Leadership Trainer and have delivered over 100 different trainings around the world.


Together we bring awareness to your inner patterns and respect that these patterns you have in place have developed in order to help you survive, this can take many shapes or forms.

With a trauma-informed approach we gently build awareness around these dynamics and empower your Power Self to come to expression. Designing sustainable tools to uplift your dreams into goals.

It is my absolute honour and privilege to be invited into such a precious space, merely as a facilitator of you accessing your gifts and strengths. My diverse and holistic experience helps me to visualise your internal system with x-ray vision and hold space for your transformation.


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